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Welcome to Sound Traditions Publishing. Traditional American Music is timeless, the foundation of our national music - marches, ragtime, blues, dance, symphony and concert music either composed, arranged or transcribed by Stephen Kent Goodman and other fine composers and arrangers. With the ever-growing catalog of selections here, you may once again enjoy this exciting music with your ensemble and an appreciative audience.


The music you will find here is principally ragtime, America's first national music. It is an often ignored and/or misunderstood genre, subjected to misinterpretation by well-meaning musical historians who incorrectly call it "early jazz". In fact, one of the original "big 3" ragtime composers, James Scott, composed a work in 1921 titled "Don't Jazz Me I'm Music" to attempt to educate the public on the difference. The ragtime you find here is both originally written for and arranged for a variety of instrumental combinations, dispelling the myth that ragtime was primarily piano music when in truth all sorts of instrumental combinations performed it in a wide variety of performance venues.

Now your ensemble may once again play these lively, optimistic, energetic musical styles that America grew great on and carry this optimism and energy into the future.



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"Arrangements Untouched by Human Hands", arrangements are created by mouse (hence the name); the computer mouse and a notation program.  The picture is of Casey and Max, the two rats who inspired the piece "Black Rats Jublilee March" available here on 88 note piano roll. 

Original compositions and arrangements are done by Stephen Kent Goodman, the most published ragtime composer living today. You may have already enjoyed his compositons and arrangements in published works through, Ludwig Music, Shawnee Press, Manhattan Beach Music, Sound Traditions Publishing and Bourne Music Publishing or listened to the recordings of his works offered by Stomp Off Records, Aeolian Concert Band and Slottime.

His original compositions and arrangements can also be heard on Celestina Rolls; 88 note rolls (player piano rolls); Welte Style 5 rolls; Orchestrion and Nickelodeon style "A" and "G" and "O" rolls and on a Wurlitzer 165 roll, etc.  



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