About Gnaw-Vol-ty Rolls

About Gnaw-Vol-ty Rolls

About Gnaw-Vol-ty Rolls

To those of you who know me as a restorer, I must tell you that what got me involved in these wonderful self-playing instruments is the music they make- particularly, the music of the early 20th century.

I had penned quite a number of original marches by the time I was 15; the press on both coasts hailed me as "the teenaged John Philip Sousa"; "World's Youngest Composer/Conductor of Marches" and "Teenaged Rebel Against Rock Music", et al.

When I heard my first orchestrion (automatic orchestra) perform at age 17, a life-long love affair with automatic music began. From the very first coin dropped into its slot, I wanted to get my own compositions and arrangements onto paper rolls which performed this mechanical assemblage of real, acoustic instruments. The sound was real- not a reproduction recreated by electronic speakers. I was hooked.

This was the impetus to form Gnaw-Vol-ty Music Rolls- "arrangements untouched by human hands", as I do not play the piano (well, I joke that I do indeed play the piano one of three ways; a coin dropped in its slot, the flip of a switch, or by my feet when I pump an 88-note player). My arrangements are created by mouse (hence the name); the computer mouse and a notation program. None of the rolls are available in any quantity; so if you would like to add these limited-edition collectibles to your library, a word to the wise is "don't put off ordering them".

Speaking of "period" works, I have also done orchestrion and coin-piano rolls which feature rare selections that are seldom or never found on perforated paper! And they sound as though they were arranged by the original arrangers from the 1910-1920 period.

I've started with my own numbers arranged for the 88-note player; and all reproducing pianos - Duo-Art, Ampico, Welte, etc. In some brands of reproducing pianos, you will need to manually switch to rewind when the roll is finished. These rolls will also sound terrific on any 88-note roll photoplayer or piano/pipe organ combination. 

One last thing; to my restoration clients, yes indeed, my "day job" continues to be turning out quality restoration to serve your needs as collectors and museums all over the world! You can visit my restoration site Professional Player Piano & Nickelodeon Restoration Services.

Stephen Kent Goodman


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