In this section you can watch and listen to performances of Music and Rolls for sale. 

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These are samples only, not intended to be of audiophile quality; just enough to give you an idea. When you are done, just close the page with the video or audio. To order go to the heading at the top of the page such as Rolls, Orchestra, Band, etc. and you will find the list of what is available for purchase.



  • Mexican "A" Roll  Not your typical Mexican roll with paso dobles and marcias, nor the "Borderland Specials" frequently found,  this roll was obviously produced for the real bordello market in Mexico.  Most of the tunes have a really romantic and emotional quality to them not found in other Mexican selections of the period.

Slow Drag Blues O-673-SKG  MP3's Provided by Rick Crandall playing on his beautiful Coinola SO. Extremely Rare Blues

2017 Christmastime in Gnaw-Vol-ty Land on A roll  These files are synthized samples of the tunes done by Carl Lambie.



Yosemite March by George W. Hetzel, arranged by Stephen Kent Goodman

The Stentor March by Maurice Blumenthal, arranged by Stephen Kent Goodman

The Yosemite March & Two Step by Elmer Allen, arranged by Stepehn Kent Goodman


 Noisy Neighbors for Small Orchestra  Noisy Neighbors by Harry J Lincoln. Played by the Peacherine Ragtime Orchestra. Andrew Greene, Director Visit their website for this recording and others.



Highest Quality Traditional American Music