In this section you can watch and listen to performances of Music and Rolls for sale. 


These are samples only, not intended to be of audiophile quality; just enough to give you an idea. When you are done, just close the page with the  video. To order go to the heading at the top of the page such as Rolls, Orchestra, Band, etc. and you will find the list of what is available for purchase.





 Slow Drag Blues "O-673-SKG" <--click here 

Slow Drag Blues; this "O" rolls tunes were the real Chicago blues from the early '20s.  It will transport you

to a speakeasy filled with cigar smoke and the smell of cheap whiskey and gin.  This was the real stuff

that was played back then!



Stephen Kent Goodman 88 Note Rolls

Listed in the store under New Piano Rolls: includes Alive & Well - Rag, Black Rats Jubilee March, Legends of the West, ragtime intermezzo, That Phantom of the Opera, a Ragtime Nightmare, Painting the Town, Red, White and Blue - One-Step, Mr. Laurel & Mr. Hardy, Medley No. 1 of Film Cues. With more new rolls to come.


Video of Alive & Well - Rag , interpreted on an American Fotoplayer by Andrew Barrett.


Caution: Due to the "Full Orchestra" non-hand played style of piano roll arranging, all roll arrangements issued by Gnaw-Vol-ty Rolls assume your player is in good playing condition and will maintain an adequate vacuum reserve. Please adhere to the published roll tempo suggestions for the most musically satisfying results.




Brass Quintet Videos of some of the works offered for sale here.

Sax Quintet  Videos files of a few the works offered for sale on this site.

British Brass Band  Enjoy some of the works offered for sale on this site.


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