SkyRockets Rag


SkyRockets Rag

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Composed in 1911 originally for piano by E. Philip Severin, the original notes for this work are so charming that they are reproduced here for your own edification and/or amusement: "... since publishing "Jungle Time Rag" , a tremendous hit, the composer has been swamped with requests from this country and abroad to give the public another rag from the same pen, hence, "SkyRockets Rag" which the writer has aimed to make a worthy successor which can be played over and over again instead of palling the listener develops new beauties and gives additional pleasure with each repetition, like old wine, Severin's rags improve with age and by reason of this one’s undoubted originality and the freshness of its melodies and style, its popularity can be expected to extend for long years to come. (E.Philip Severin)". 

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