Armistice Centennial Concert March


Armistice Centennial Concert March

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The Armistice Centennial Concert March
by Stephen Kent Goodman

This march was specificially composed to commorate the Centennial of the Armistice, the ending of WWI.

With great thanks to the AUSA Military Band, Monte C. Gmur, Director play this work by clicking here.

We thank them for taking their time and talent to give us this nice recording to use and enjoy here. Thank you.

In August, 1914, most of the Nations of Europe and several Asian
nations went to war; a war triggered by the murders of the heirs to the
Austro-Hungarian throne by a terrorist in Sarajevo, Serbia. ...

... By the time Armistice was declared in 1918 with Germany's surrender,
the world was relieved that this senseless fighting was over. This march, written in a rather
unconventional style, celebrates both the joy of the War being over as well as the
tears shed over the tragedy of the entire conflict and the losses it caused.




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